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Radio Mobile is a free and powerful tool for plotting RF patterns and predicting the performance of radio systems. Using freely available terrain elevation data it can produce grey scale, x-ray and rainbow colored virtual maps. One can also produce 3-D and stereoscopic views as well as flyby animations. Background images can be merged with scanned maps, satellite photos and Mapquest maps to produce accurate prediction plots. You can obtain your copy of Radio Mobile from the official website.

When I first began using Radio Mobile I had to spend a great deal of time with the documentation trying to figure out how everything worked. Once I became familiar with the software I thought that others might benefit from my experience and so this tutorial was born. This tutorial will walk you through obtaining and installing the software, obtaining elevation data and finally plotting simple RF plots. Once you become familiar with the software it becomes very easy to use and is a very powerful tool. I used Radio Mobile to plot coverage and design radio links for customers when I owned a wireless ISP. Radio Mobile was able to create plots that were as accurate as the plots from expensive commercial packages used by my hardware vendors.

Radio Mobile is under constant development so if it is missing a feature you want you may have to wait only a short time before it is added to the software. Please realize that I am only a user of the software, not a developer. Please direct any inquiries regarding the software to the author Roger Coudé.

Important Notes:

As stated before I am not in any way affiliated with the author of this software. While I may be able to answer some of your questions I simply do not have the time to provide technical support for Radio Mobile. You may find it beneficial to subscribe to the Yahoo! Discussion Group for Radio Mobile. If you find this documentation useful please provide feedback so that it can be improved.

If you any questions or comments regarding this tutorial please feel free to contact me.


  1. Official Radio Mobile Web Site
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